Wednesday, December 18, 2013


this one is spectacular. it's all over the place -  in a good way. i have all of those same stamps in my own stash. now, if i can just get better so that i can lift the box and find them, i will make a *reply* envelope --- :-)

not gonna happen til next year


  1. it's amazing to me how different these envelopes look on the screen
    the PO cancellation marks have really enhanced this design

  2. This is retro and modern all at the same time - fantastic accomplishment. The circles and the 'cones' (made me think of spotlights) comine really well with the letters and rectangular shapes of the stamps. I also like how the vintage stamps add up to the exact postage. Top notch stuff.

  3. i just came from my wednesday group. i took envelopes from you two for show and tell. i wish i had a tape of the comments. people observed that they do look different - screen vs real life -

  4. My new favorite. This one works really well. Top notch is right!