Tuesday, December 3, 2013

kathy - johnny cash

cleaning off the desk again. it was interesting how many of the johnnycash stamps worked on sketchy-idea envelopes. this was just a sketchy idea that i thought i would toss. but, it was actually some of the inspiration for the chalkboard series. and, i liked it just enough that i didn't want to toss it. so, it will be filler in an actual envelope.


  1. Lovely, I really enjoy your blog and all the interesting stuff you post. I belong to an envelope exchange, so this one has definitely hit the spot. Thanks Jean

  2. thanks for posting, ellen. i enjoyed looking at your google-plus page. i've never seen one of those before. i think i like it better that blogspot. might have to switch and then....all the items on your etsy shop are lovely. i really like the classic black and white.

  3. Thank you Jean for taking such a good look round all my creations. Google+ is a great way to share wonderful images, and meet other artists/calligraphers/designers. Pleased you liked my etsy shop, that has taken a little while to get going, I decided after having it for 3 years I'd better pay a bit more attention to it, and it has paid off. So it's about focus rather than trying to be all things to all people.