Saturday, December 21, 2013

blog views

i haven't checked the stats on my blog in quite a while. in november, we came really close to hitting 10,000 views. and nov was higher than may, which had been the top month for a while.
everyone is distracted with the holidays so we won't break 10,000 this month, but thank you to everyone who is checking the blog :-)

here is one more envelope that i downloaded...and lost the source. i like the idea. i wonder if gordon still lives in stamford. wouldn't it be fun to pick some random person and have everyone who follows my blog drop a postcard in the mail that said *thinking of you* but not sign it...and just let the person wonder. or maybe it would scare them....


  1. Gordon might have died last year, possibly a shrink
    Daffodil Rd looks residential, but there might be a connection to Old Saybrook, CT. Not far from Stamford
    What about Brad McCormick?

  2. Congrats on the blog numbers. Just keep in mind that some days, if the conversation is going well, I check several times a day

  3. well, yes, i suppose that there are several of us who check more than once a day. i wonder if big brother has the stats on who visits, and how often... maybe brad is alive and would appreciate some surprise mail....

  4. Surprise mail is always fun! Great envie idea. Congratulations on the views! Let's keep it going.

    Thank you for a fun blog to visit.