Monday, December 2, 2013

smash - west virginia

thank you smash-girl :-)
pretty colors, nice layout.
i don't know what the medium is. it might be bleach. you can write with bleach on dark colored paper and get some very nice effects. it needs to be fresh bleach. old bleach loses its oomph. it is the exposure to air. it is a chemical situation. as you might have guessed, there was not a single thing in chemistry class that intrigued me. it seemed like a bunch of hocus-pocus. at least with physics, you can see stuff happen. kathy is a big fan of chemistry. maybe some day she can explain it to me in a way that makes it fascinating.

this book has some interesting references to chemistry
i highly recommend it.
and i like the chemistry of cooking....
i think it was the teacher i didn't like.
that happens to a lot of people


  1. Love playing w/ Clorox spent some time trying it on all sorts of colored papers. You can't predict what color it will turn. Didn't harm any metal nibst

  2. I absolutely love the color of the envelope and style of writing. One question, does the PO clerk not complain about the location of stamp?

  3. 3 women run our little PO. They can't wait for me on Tues afternoon. If they have time they will hand cancel them while I watch and explain each one, if they are busy they put them aside for the next free moment. I can't get rid of the bar code, I think that goes on at the next stop in the chain

  4. Hi Smash, Thank you for responding!