Monday, December 16, 2013

blue outline

i saw this idea on pinterest, outline the envelope. the bottom one was my first try and i had a slip on the ruler, so i went around it a second time to make it rustic and then the slip, which was very large seemed like a good place to end the r, so, i tried writing finnbadger upside down in cursive - and i thought it would be a piece of cake to do it - and it was not - r -e was easy. my brain couldn't flip the g. so i wrote it on another paper to get the pattern in front of me and then it (the top version) was easy.

this is still from the series done when i hurt my back and couldn't lift my box of stamps and had to use my vatican-italian stamp stock. back is all better - and i am editing posts before they pop up.

i highly recommend that outlining. it was fun and easy and i think the effect is luv-er-ly.

italian stamps are loverly, too.

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  1. This would work well to go with specific stamps, like this blue with the gingerbread houses.