Sunday, December 1, 2013

from becca - halloween

this happens when i get a lot of great cards for a holiday, i end up posting some of them way after the holiday...
this is from becca. she showed up in a class with a ton of skill that had grown out of decorating cakes. she drew the whole card at the top. i think she has a lot of copics. she has other paints and art supplies that i have never seen and she fills sketchbooks with all kinds of cool stuff. sometimes i hear her grumbling "why did i ever start this?" and she has some of those images that she started and never finished...i think we all do...except i am in a fix it, finish it, or trash it mode. so, we'll see if i meet my deadline. i won't give her a hard time about using flag stamps. i really don't want to lure her into another obsession. really.

1 comment:

  1. Great match, the card is so scary! and the envelope is perfect even with the flag. A Frankenstein stamp would be perfect with this.