Thursday, December 26, 2013

el presidente

this is from bill kemp, past president of IAMPETH - a calligraphy organization. i met him at the very first IAMPETH convention that i attended, in KC in 2001. i find it amusing that bill is also cleaning off his desk and catching up on correspondence he has been pondering for over a decade. (if you click on the image, you can read the note sticking out of the envelope) now, if i could just get my engrossers script to be as lovely as bill's. and his penmanship on his note is really beautiful. makes me wish i had not gone off on my quirky path. but, i don't think i would have many loyal readers if all my stuff looked like this. it's gorgeous, but it isn't something you can pick up by reading a blog once a day. my quirky stuff is pretty easy to imitate....and hopefully that makes more people think about sending some real mail.

kudos to the people who take time to write like this. thanks, bill. now i want to see what the alphabet book i made for him looks like?


  1. Bill's lettering is so consistent and elegant. This is really nit picking, but the fact that the line is broken by the descender and not by the ascender is a little troubling. It makes the name look too low in the box. I may be way out there, this is really a very classic and well done envelope

  2. it is always interesting to note which details jump out. plus, the proportions on italics are so different from scripts...that always keeps me confused. his centering is nice. i am HORRIBLE at centering....unless i am keeping things very wonky-loose.

  3. to the inexperienced eye, this is beautful.