Wednesday, December 25, 2013


first gift this morning from the usps, a new stamp design, winter flowers. these are so pretty. looking forward to coming up with some designs. a couple days ago they sent and email to unveil a stamp with ferns, but the link said -never mind, this one is on hold for a bit. so, i am eagerly awaiting that one, too.

second gift was an email from
maria thomas, the originator of zentangles, a clever method of organized doodling that is very popular, sent an email showing that some of the gelly roll pens flouresce

""Sakura® Gelly Roll® Moonlight® pens. Certain colors of these pens fluoresce under a UV light.""

you may read the details at her blog, linked above.

i like the idea of writing secret messages. but it might be too complicated to assume that the recipient will have a UV flashlight. i guess i don't even know what a UV light is.

the nice thing about zentangles is that the are all over the place and fair game for *stealing.* nobody can own a doodled design, so, any time you need a pattern, just surf around the zentangles, and you will find ideas that you can copy exactly, or -even better- change them and make them into your own versions.


i have to spent the day looking for the winner of *best envelope of the year* - it has been on the top of a stack since may...and now i can't find it.

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