Thursday, December 5, 2013

hirschfield and quote

this was how i decided to tie the quote to the hirschfield stamps. it is the design lesson (that i mentioned a few days ago) that i first heard in college, later heard it again from peter thornton. return to a unit you already have. i repeated the two red bars. and i will leave all the white space at the bottom. not sure how much i will fill in the spaces up top. since i am actually going to mail this, i'll see if i can send it to someone who doesn't mind having their address online.


  1. Love the hirschfield stamps and the way you pulled them into the design
    What a great rule. By the way, I don't mind having my address on line hint, hint
    Would love to see the finished envelope

  2. I am going to be a copy cat and say I do not mine my address online...great envelope.

  3. i wrote this post a long time ago. by the time it popped up today, i had already mailed it. i need to start checking the posts before they appear and update them. sadly, this envelope is gone, but, i will put you two on the list to receive exciting new ideas....