Thursday, December 12, 2013

susan - birds

i wish i had put her last name in the the tail feathers. i think i saw one letter that was a bird and thought of doing the whole alphabet out of birds. but i honestly don't remember. i think that guy from the movie, men in black, lives on my street and stops in a couple times a day to erase my memory. does anyone want to see a full alphabet of birds?

i used g-tecs and added water to make them watery. i thought the bird shapes mimicked the shapes in the stamp.


  1. Your birds make that stamp look very good! I think the writing for the grass is clever - I didn't even see that it was writing for a while because I was focusing on the birds.

    The birds remind me of your rabbit letters.

  2. Love these birds and would love to see the whole flock. They look very Floridian