Friday, December 13, 2013

measuring - step 3

 here is how you divide the envelope using a ruler.
decide how many spaces you need.
put *zero* on the left edge and the number of spaces you need on the right edge.
make a tic-mark at 1, 2, 3, etc
remove the ruler
and draw a baseline for your name
transfer the even spaced tic-marks to the penciled baseline

at this point, you can use the 7 spaces to write a name with 7 letters, putting one letter in each space  -or- you may write a name with 6 letters, placing one letter over each of the 6 tic-marks -or you could write a 5-letter name, leaving a space on each end and maybe adding a flourish at the beginning or the end.  below is a ruler where i renumbered on both sides. on one side, i renumbered by half inch so i have 24 spaces on the edge. on the other side, i renumbered every 3/4 inch and have it divided into 16 segments. an easier option to renumbering a 12-inch ruler is to get one of those triangular *rulers* that architects use to use. i think it is called a scale. but, it has a bunch of different numbers and you can always find a set of numbers to fit what you need. unless you are math phobic.  i checked youtube and did not find anyone who has directions for dividing envelopes. i did find some zany stuff.


  1. I don't know if this would work for something as small as an envelope, but both knitters and sewers use a piece of elastic about 6" long. Mark off the spacing with markers, stretch and remark on front band. Good luck

  2. that is a very good idea...i can picture stretching the elastic...but then i need a third hand to make the tic-marks. i bet someone will have a good suggestion for how to hold the elastic whilst stretched. thanks, smash!

  3. Dressmakers usually use a pin! But stretching elastic becomes tricky if you have arthritis, so ...rulers are the better way, I think.
    I have also used a template under a light box, but not everyone has that option.