Monday, July 22, 2013

upcoming loopy series

i was pondering ways to make practice fun. these are two layered names. reading from top down is e-l-l-e-n and over the top of those five letters i layered c-o-l-i-n.
i think the pattern has potential.
it would be nice if you had the exact colors in the stamp and chose the stamp first. on this one, i just used a few of the 17 markers from jan and then went looking for a stamp.

the address would be tiny
flush left, hugging the left edge of the envelope.
i might add some g-tec layers and rescan this one if it is an improvement.

the quality of the actual lettering is supposed to be child-like. after a 5+ year haitus from teaching a summer class (5 days in a row) for non-adults, i agreed to do so this year. i am fully expecting that the kids will have some great stealworthy ideas.

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  1. I am teaching my 11 yr old grand a very plain basic italic handwriting this summer her writting was not legible at all. I gave her the choice of typing or writting.. Her final decision was based on color, tools and entry into "the studio". She is already much improved. Can't wait to show her today's blog.