Monday, July 15, 2013

ruth's border

i liked ruth's border a lot.
i made mine more S-shaped.
and i used a gray gel glaze pen.
i haven't decided how to finish it.
choosing a stamp
would be the best way to go...
and then pulling out three colors from the stamp.

in the note in the envelope,
 ruth mentioned that she did not count
the squares so that the number of squares
was divisible by three so the pattern would
come out right. i don't think it is a problem to
have the color sequence have one inconsistency.
i did look for it, because ruth mentioned it, but
i don't think i would have ever noticed it.

it is hard to decide when to be compulsive. i think the key is to be as compulsive as you like, but then, don't *fret* if things start going off in some unplanned direction. relax and enjoy the unexpected. there is nothing wrong with setting the goal of making something precise. but, if it doesn't work's not a big deal.

the above comment is directed at envelopes. i am not making a broad statement. for all you neurosurgeons who are following my blog, you go right ahead and be seriously compulsive.

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