Monday, July 1, 2013

bunny ears

after i did the party hat people along the bottom, i thought of this. again, when i am *critical* of an envelope and work on variations towards improving it, i am very pleased with some of the stuff i come up with. i win this debate because.....i come up with all kinds of stuff i love, but i know i only get to it by questioning and improving. the first draft isn't always the best one. i can't force myself to come up with an endless stream of perfect ideas. i have to go through the process of putting something down on paper and then refining it, if it needs it. once in a while, i do something i love -in an instant-  but i don't think it is realistic to expect that to happen all the time. actually, the fin(n)badger envelope yesterday was one where i just did one, and really liked it. so, you never know. my point is that i never would have gotten to these bunnies if i had not been critical of the pennants and party hats.

the addresses will be very tiny to the right of the bunnies. i might even run them through a postage meter....i keep thinking about doing that....however... i found the perfect stamp...too bad i don't live in england

so, it's monday morning and you might feel like a longer post before you start your week. trust me, this is waaaay off topic, unless you want to learn how to line envelopes. last week was brutal for some of us. one friend had it very rough and i was trying to be the bright spot in the midst of her troubles by teaching her (over the phone) how to line envelopes. i forgot to yell at her to slow down and follow my instructions EXACTLY. she couldn't figure it out so she finally gave up and drove over to get instructions in person. i did a time test and it took exactly 12 seconds to make a perfect template. she hung her head as i made the point that she really should have been able to follow my phone directions and she admitted that she had not slowed down and followed exactly what i was saying.

later, i looked on YouTube and there are several tutorials for lining envelopes.
then i wondered if they had DIY brain surgery and yes - they do have brain surgery on YouTube. i don't think it is DIY, but, i decided to stop being curious.


  1. This is absolutely adorable!!

  2. yup...i hope i can find it and mail it....and maybe do the whole alphabet.

  3. Love the envelope, so cool. Stella

  4. thanks...not nearly as cool as YOURS!!!!

  5. The bunnies and their ears are very clever. I feel like each bunny has its own personality.

  6. I agree about the stamps... it would be great to be able to use stamps from other countries.

    You'll be wishing you could use these stamps coming this month from the UK;