Saturday, July 13, 2013

elizabeth picnic

this is from the day we sat around thinking up picnic ideas. i'm not sure i can come up with an entire picnic alphabet. i'm sure you can google *picnic alphabet* and there will be some. i am going to control my impulse. my favorites are the catchup and mustard. i drew with G-Tec, colored in with colored pencil and anything that is metal was done with a silver gel pen.

oh....FinnBadger has struck again. he is not a one-hit-wonder. you'll have to wait for me to scan it. it's very nice. i like his design sense...which is surprising, since i am not usually fond of diagonals.


  1. Great stamp - kinda reminds me of a hot dog, so fits perfectly with the picnic theme.

    Glad the next one made it through. I used a lot of Sunday newspaper magazine-sized paper to make the envelopes, so to fit some the template many envelopes end up with the white space at an angle.

    I alos just made some more envelopes - I'll have to test out that glue I've been using to see if it works on the different paper.

  2. tell me again which glue you are using?
    i know i asked...but...would have to dig to find the answer.

    do you recall what started you on your envelope-making binge?
    did you move on to making other things?

  3. The picnic envelope is perfect, stamp, Elizabeth, lettering and the ants are a riot
    SC is wet and hot and I'm ready to return to me real studio. Lots of inspiration from the last 2 weeks and I can't wait to get to my real pens and stuff

  4. I took a look through all the glue sticks at my local staples, and ended up choosing Scotch Wrinkle-free Glue stick. I think it came in packs of two. Some of the envelopes are more the shiny thin paper (glossy magazine) and I hoped the wrinkle-free glue would be gentle on the paper.

    I have no idea what made me do it, possibly saw something on TV. I think it is unlikely that I would have just spontaneously done it, but 20 years is a long time ago. I don't remember why I stopped, either, and didn't really move on to anything else crafty.

  5. thanks....that sounds like s good glue to try. i can allow myself a purchase because it will be good for teaching.
    and for the curious...,111417

    one opinion about the invention of the envelope.