Monday, July 15, 2013

more about diagonals

there were two posts today
and while i discussed diagonals in finnbadger's...
an alert reader mentioned the diagonals in the one below.
yes...there are two elements that are tilted...
but, i would not say that it is a layout based on the diagonal.
we do tend to put stamps in corners
so the other element had to be somewhere to the left and lower.
and in some ways...that leads the eyes to the corners
but, the the whimsical tilting keeps the eye moving around.

it's hard to find good examples of the kinds of diagonals that i think
*don't work*
i suspect there is more going on that is hard to explain in words
as is my opinion

i googled bad design
and -oh, dear- lots of examples.
this one popped out
there is a funny story
and this person wanted to illustrate *bad design*
so they put the big red header on a diagonal
so...there is at least one person who agrees with me.

full story here

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