Friday, July 19, 2013

smash - unscannable

every now and then, the scanner will refuse to scan an image. it is usually something with black and white stripes. i don't know why. but i tried 3 or 4 times and then i just gave up. it's a very pretty envelope. although the bird is a little *mutant* with an osprey head and dove-ish body. but who doesn't love a good mutant every now and then? the body reminds me of matisse flowers.


  1. Obviously your scanner is smarter than we thought. Bird brain is not all that well done. Did you try the mutant button. OK you win a few and you loose a few. We must be approaching 200 hundred envelopes by now and only a small percentage have made the cut to fame. This bird flew through by his unique evolutionary abilities

  2. i love the quality of the line... to me, *mutant* is an endearing term... because... one time i ran into a fellow mommy and her son. i had not seen them in years. the parents were both built like bowling balls. the son had stretched into a tall, handsome athlete. clearly, the mom was accustomed to people being surprised at how lanky her son was [compared to his parents] i make any comment, but she knew what i must have been thinking and she quipped: "yup, he's a mutant." it was such a funny comment that i will never forget it. so, i love your *mutant* and as i said, i love the quality of the line. it makes me want to pull out my brushes. and that is the point of this make people want to do anything other than the chores at hand. right?