Saturday, July 6, 2013

skip tiedye

not a good stamp choice. i should have gone to the vintage stamp store and found something better. note....there is tiny writing that says *happy birthday* as one of the layers on the tie dye. i've never done much graffiti lettering. it doesn't really appeal to me. but, i liked this one to balance out some of the too-girly ones that i did for him.i used the faber-castell big brush markers from jan. thanks again jan.


  1. Could we get a sequence of events for the Skip envelope?
    It's very enticing and I would like to copy it

  2. outline in black - smaller end of a ZIG writer (.5)
    scibble, zigzags of colors, overlapping slightly - with the faber-castell big brush markers, but any broad edge marker would work. crayolas would be fine.
    where the overlap was clunky, i took finer pointed pens and wrote happy birthday in red.
    last step, use the thicker end of the ZIG writer, or any fairly large bullet tip. green realy doesn't blend into orange, but somehow the contrast looks OK. be careful to not get too much layering of orange and will be muddy. the yellow would have been the logical color to touch the green, but somehow, i like it better flipped with the orange...