Tuesday, July 9, 2013

skip's b'day plus sign

this is similar to the red one i did for chuck. i like the idea and this one is nice because the p.o. box and zip are clearly on the right side of the envelope and that is all the information the p. o. needs to deliver the envelope.

chuck's is better, but i can't mail it with only one stamp. i need to find a better stamp that is 66-cents or whatever you need for a 1-oz square.
 but this stamp is so perfect.
guess i better hand deliver it.

but can i part with that stamp?
i'm not the only one who has trouble parting with stamps.
i guess i can cut a picture of one out of the catalog the p.o. sends me.


  1. I love the skip envelope. It seems cleaner, less like a Red Cross, and you don't need additional postage (saving big $)
    Using the last one of a really good stamp is a problem and then I have the ones I use only when my husband says "honey do you have any stamps?). He once said "honey exactly how much do we have invested in stamps and will it help our retirement fund? It might

  2. For the red envelope and its perfect stamp.... I wonder if the additional 20c required could go on the back and still be OK with the post office?

    (I'm not really trying to get you to part with that stamp.)

  3. i am 99% sure that the p.o. would not acknowledge anything on the back of the envelope as appropriate payment. i like to stretch the rules, but, i would not ask them to consider more than one side of any piece of mail.

    if mr. smash thinks you have too many stamps, please tell us how many you have. i know that all of mine would fit into a shoe box and it would not even be half full. do you have more than that?

    retirement-schmirement...calligraphers never retire, we just get *returned to sender*

  4. Hmmm.... the 3c definitives are dark red (although the silver coffeepot is kinda dominant). 8 of those would at least let you have a symmetrical design, just not as clean as the current one, and you'd only be 4c over the actual rate. I am not a fan of the weird 66c rate for square envelopes... but I am a fan of the butterfly stamps.

  5. If I kept them in a shoebox, it would be less than half full. I divide them into Forever and The Rest. The Rest is divided by color or subject or packets that make up 46cents.
    I find that I must pick the stamp very early in the development of an envelope or they end up in the dreaded pile of waiting for correct stamp. This pile is ever increasing and never gets reduced.

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  6. i just realized that it is a fake address on chuck's envelope. so, i will hand deliver it on saturday...when he arrives for the monthly meeting of the stamp-o-holic's support group :-)
    i will, however, be working on some ideas where adding 4 stamps on a square is aesthetically pleasing.

    smash-girl: i would love to choose stamps for your orphans...please send photos. digging through the stamps to find a good fit is a FAVORITE pastime.