Monday, July 29, 2013

jan's copic white

another one done the day that jan brought her copic white stuff. i don't know whether to call it paint or ink. it is thick and needs to be thinned with water to use it like ink. i need to research and find out if there is a technical difference between ink and paint. or maybe an alert reader can tell us in the comment section.

my comments on this are the same as the phillip envelope from a couple days ago. these doodles are just curlier. and it has that stamp that is so perfect for thinking. i added greg's body, in pencil. i've seen that done on other envelopes. of course, it would be nice if i had time to actually do a complete drawing with details....and not just the rough idea. maybe i should change the name of the blog to *rough ideas*


  1. This is so lovely, Jean. Your spacing is exquisite, and I love the tangle-forms inside the lettering. I don't think the sketch needs much beyond a black monoline - and a clever comment. Or, maybe with a Miles Davis/Edith Piaf stamp, musical notes.

  2. thank you jackie. the spacing worked out because all those letters are *easy letters* - technically j and t are not easy, but they kindly presented themselves at the end, where they are less difficult to fit in.... :-)