Wednesday, July 3, 2013

from annie

this is from annie who says she only took a couple calligraphy classes. well, annie, you must have been the star pupil.

also, do you mind telling us about the little peachy design. is it colored pencil? how do you make such symmetrical flowers? or is it a trade secret?

your printing is very nice. the note inside revealed *perfect* penmanship. she has a really nice hand. i would post it...or maybe i will post it...i have to decide if i am going to start including penmanship on the envelope blog or start a new blog for penmanship...decisions ----decisions....


  1. Yes, post it! I LOVE her penmanship too! It looks like a font to me!

  2. It even looks like the post mark placement was considered in advance.
    It squares off the design and finishes the design. Love the way the orange reflects the little boxes of the stamp

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Jean. The orange is simply a corner rubber stamp and a dot rubber stamp. My apologies for it being such a cheap envelope. The post office was very kind to add to my design.

  4. thanks for the info, annie. i also like how you added the dots to balance out the lengths of the two names. and the other lines and dots. it is a nice composition. i agree...the p.o. was really considerate to add to the design, rather than obliterate it.
    sorry it took me two months to post it.... my stack of mail is very disorganized.