Thursday, July 4, 2013

becca's purple flowers

becca sent an envelope that looked a little bit like this to jan. jan wanted to learn how to draw flowers like this. so, i started teaching her. it ended up taking a lot of time and i think we both let our minds wander. you can tell that the full flower on the left got a lot more attention than the others. but that pearl border is stealworthy. i know because i lifted it right off becca's although, i shaded mine with all the shades to the south and east. i think she had all her shades on the outside, which was fine. but, i like to put all my shading as though the sun was actually shining on the objects.

i'll be mailing this to marji :-)
(after marji tells me that she saw this post- marji plays *test the post office* all the time. so i am starting a new game *test marji*)

this is the stamp i would use if i had one.

and thanks to FinnBadger who left a comment on an older post alerting us to these wonderful new UK stamps:


  1. Love the flowers. Will definitely be using the pearl border idea. Enjoyed seeing the UK stamps.
    If Miss Marji doesn't happen to post, I believe you know my address. 8-)

  2. Beautiful envelope!! I can't wait to receive the butterfly stamps from friends and family back home.

  3. Those butterfly stamps would work with any flower-themed envelope.