Wednesday, July 17, 2013

skip - blue swirly

just messing around. first i used a watercolor pencil, then i did some layers of gouache. it was really awful. so i did the white gel pen railroad track over the top and now i love it. i will put his p.o. box in the center of the dot over the i - and his zip, and it should get to him just fine.

technically, i drew the railroad ties. the lines are the track.

[ a week later]
when i was looking for a stamp, the round one seemed nice in the circle so i change my plan.that is the forever stamp for send 1-oz anywhere in the world. it costs $1.10. that is the rate for a postcard or a 1-oz letter. and since they are now selling them as forever stamps...i wonder if this will be the only choice for a long time.

this stamp will also be enough for up to 2-oz on a letter going to canada - according to my newest penpal...stay tuned for a very fun piece of mail :-)


  1. Love the placement of the stamp and address! Another steal worthy one...thanks!

  2. is the p.o. going to get you to spend $1.10 on domestic mail. too? tricky of them.

  3. Believe me, I've already thought of it......I didn't need your help! lol

  4. Love Skip's new envelope . the round stamps are fun and I wish they would do more odd shaped ones. The railroad marks were the perfect solution, it ties all the line together