Tuesday, July 2, 2013

guest artist smash - girl scout

nice envelope, smash. i think i am still recovering from that week at girl scout camp in 1962. i am not a tent person.

love the circle-cancel behind the name.
stealworthy :-)

are those black stars covering up mistakes? if, so, that's a good way to treat mistakes. i didn't really notice it until i was looking at the details and deciding what to say about this one. clearly, the girl scout has me a little off-my-game. PTGSD
post traumatic girl scout disorder

the air-mail-red-blue-dashed border is also stealworthy.

1 comment:

  1. We are now on island time. No clocks or watches, no nothing. Just the 10 of us hanging out
    If I remember correctly, the stars covered some awful thing. Maybe you moved. Sorry about the Girl Scouts.
    Stella and I will be doing some "How to Live on an Island" envelopes.
    We have some minimal supplies. We might even get Carly to join us