Friday, July 5, 2013

2 from carol

two from carol that i can't remember if i posted or not. she has a ton of envelopes at her blog.

i do not have the patience to do that much coloring in... carol says on her blog that she colors in with copic markers. they are wonderful markers, but, i can't allow them in my house/studio. if i did, i would be messmerized and never get anything done. i have invented this new spelling/word. if you mesmerized, you just lose your ability to refocus on what you should be doing. messmerized means you lose focus for so long that your studio (and house) are a mess.


  1. Carol's envelopes are incredibly adorable. She's so clever incorporating the postage into her designs...especially flowers and flag stamps

  2. You are exactly correct! My house and life are a mess when I'm engrossed with my Copics! Nothing gets done that needs to get done because I am having such fun!

  3. and the mail carrier must have noticed that there was no cancel, so he/she scribbled on it with a ball point X would have been sufficient. i appreciate carol validating my impression of copic-syndrome. i had a hunch.... i should apply to work on their marketing team.