Friday, July 19, 2013

bonus post

this one appeared earlier when i was making a test page of all 17 markers from jan. i was wondering if writing her name over the top would tie it all together. it isn't awful, but it is not really a keeper, yet. i will try confetti and see if that works. people who know me, know i attempt to solve every problem with dots, but there are so many squares in this, i think it needs to be square dots, or confetti, rather than round dots. or maybe round dots would offer visual relief from all the squares. shall we vote? square or dots? or both? or something else?


  1. I think this is a very complicated envelope and adding any dots or squares would be over the top. The stamps are good but also busy. Every envelope can't be an A+ so both of today's post are good, but not the best we can do

  2. but after you watch the'll see how everything is a puzzle...and this one might be on the verge of spectacularity if i just kill the entire morning. and maybe it needs something reductive. it's the puzzle that draws me in (sucks me in?) i guess i can put it in the stack of *unfinished* and day it will make it into the *stack of honor*