Friday, July 12, 2013

jeri - guest artist

a pretty card from jeri. i like the row of guys.

very simple - elegant.

making the S's long is a very nice touch.


those cool flowers are made with a Miracle Wedge 7900 brush
available from John Neal

White House calligrapher, Pat Blair, recommends them.
I recommend them, even though I don't allow myself to have one....I get so little done even with my modest supply of supplies.


  1. The long S's are very elegant and the white ink is very opaque. Nice
    What is the floral card underneath?

  2. the card underneath is a hand made greeting card. i think she has one of those magic wedge tools.

  3. here is the name of the tool
    Miracle Wedge 7900 Brush

    go to John Neal's site, do a search in the search box for
    there is a PDF with info about them.

    If I had one, I would never stop playing with it....

  4. no...the PDF link does not seem to be working. if it was, it would probably say this:
    Golden Tacklon Miracle Wedge 7900

    The Miracle Wedge features a triangular ferrule. This brush is used much the same as the Dagger Striper. The unique feature of the Miracle-Wedge is it can be triple loaded. It can be loaded on each side with a different color of paint and each will flow independently.

    Short black handle, synthetic La Corneille Golden Taklon. Absorbent, durable, versatile, excellent spring and fine chisel edge. Great for acrylic, oil, watercolor, all media. The most popular, widely used brush for decorative painting.