Monday, July 8, 2013

jenni - 4 ideas

4 ideas i did quickly for ruth when she was a little skeptical about coming up with 40 ideas for her daughter's 40th birthday. these are black galaxy marker on a paper source shimmer envelope. except the butterfly is either a g-tec or a pigma micron. the markers are easier to control on the shimmer paper.

jenni has a good combination of letters in her name. the three iiis, the two Ls, the double n, and the w - and the e can reflect the n-shape. the odd-ball letters are the J and S at the ends...and those two letters are usually odd-balls. J goes to the left and S goes back and forth. but you can still use the same kinds of arcs you used in the e-n-w.

i never finished these - maybe i should. the point is to look at the selection of letters in the name you are writing and see what kinds of shapes you have to work with. 

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  1. I love those! Now I should adapt to the names I need! Thank you for posting these........stealworthy for sure!!!