Saturday, July 20, 2013

miss cathy

i have a new penpal, cathy from mississippi. you can't imagine how excited i am to send some envelopes to mississippi. cathy is the 4th person to find my blog and boldly send mail. smash was first, then finnbadger and there is a third person who did not leave a return address so i am not able to send mail. i think that person is from texas. so, my new goal is to have a penpal from every state. 
wisconsin, you are overflowing with talented mail artists. 
other states that are taken are, iowa, ohio, washington, new mexico, connecticut and california.
i suppose i could go through the archive [banker's boxs] and find a bunch more. do they count if i have not heard from them recently?

the scanner was messing with me and kept cropping the envelope, so, i put a yellow background and that seemed to make it happy. the lettering looks like one of those colored pencils that have 4 colors all at the same time. i like the hemi cuda. i remember those cars [car buff that i am...ha]

the address is pencil, but the zip had a layer of ink. i wonder if cathy did that or maybe someone in the postal system wanted to beef it up.


  1. Thanks, penpal! I used a swipe of pan pastel, 2 colored pencils, good old white out for the smoke, and a g-tec pen added to the zip for more legibility.
    I learned about g-tec pens from your blog as well as many, many other ideas. Lots of fun and funny, too!

  2. i like the envelope that i have ready to mail to you. i won't show it on the blog, because it has your address. maybe i will get more penpals -one from each state- if they see that they will get secret mail, that does not appear on the blog. ;-)