Thursday, March 31, 2016

eric's birthday (1)

eric has a call for entries on his blog as he is turning 50 this year. i thought these leftover stamps would be nice. not sure i will get 50 done, but we'll see.

if anyone else has a milestone birthday coming up, let me know. i tend to do better when i work in multiples. although, i have to like the letters in your name. so, if your letters are giving me trouble, i may not complete as many as you request. but i would certainly do enough to figure out that i was not getting inspired. lucky for eric, his name is very versatile.

NOTE to exchangers:
If you are going to be more than a week late sending your March exchange envelopes, please let the other people on your list know. last month, there were quite a few mailed on the last day. So be sure to wait 7-10 days before contacting the fellow exchanger about a missing envelope. thanks

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