Tuesday, March 8, 2016

patriotic finnbadger ( & comment from christy )

i love phillip's nom de plume which is finnbadger and i always forget to write it on the envelope. this is a use-up-all-my-stamps envelope. those two are really fun to arrange. the stripes are pleading for some red. my devotion to getting ahead of my tidal wave will probably win and if finn wants red stripes, i think he should have at 'em.

p.s. (on sun 3-6-16)
yesterday, i had a text from christy about her envelope that i posted on friday. she said:
Yes, 2015 was my first time entering the Graceful Envelope contest (felt I had to enter because I'd assigned my kids in class to enter). And, yes, the postmark deadline was March 30. So now it's 2016, 12 more students and again I'm procrastinating!

christy texted because she was heading out of town and could not post in the comment section on her phone. thanks for taking time to send a comment. looking forward to seeing your 2016 entry.

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