Wednesday, March 9, 2016

exchangers - additional note person emailed that their list did not come through.
and...I forgot to ask exchangers to confirm that the received their lists.
i am going to send another round of emails - asking if you received your list.

sorry for the extra work - this first month was bound to have a kink or two.

the envelopes to the right were for a bride who wanted personal notes to give to the people who were being invited to be in her bridal party. they were hand delivered. i wrote the notes inside, too. it's always fun when brides track me down and have a fun idea that is easy to execute.

AmyS, Marti, S and Eric - you will not get the second email asking for an RSVP because you already did.

Gloria:  I do have you on a list and i resent the list from a different email. Hopefully it will come through. I have responded to your emails - so maybe my emails are in your spam? If this doesn't work, I can just send you the list by snailmail :-)

I just had a good question from a new exchanger - wondering if we did all the envelopes the same style or not. It is up to you. Some people assembly line them and do them all the same. Others like to do 5 different ideas. Or if you start with one idea and after a couple, you want to switch to something else, that's fine. 

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