Sunday, March 6, 2016

off topic - sabrina lopez

tons of fun styles from sabrina.
if you want to see any name in any of the fonts
just type the name in the box that says
[Enter your own text] and click enter
and -voila- you will see the name you need in the font. much easier than just looking at the alphabet and imagining what the name will look like

P.S. on 3-5-16
as the editor of this blog, i can just go to the [comments] and see all of them in a long list. i check them once in a while to see if i missed a comment - and this one popped up. i'm guessing very few early risers have time to go back and check for comments. i really appreciated this one and wanted to share. someday i might go back and find all the comments that remind us about why we send mail, and put them in a tab at the top.

thanks for taking time to comment, thomas:

It's inspirational to see other's work and keeping up a blog as diligently as Jean is no easy task. Opening the mailbox at the end of a crazy beat down day to find a decorated Envelope...well, it just makes everything ok again. And Jan for the copious amount of email I'm sure she has gotten for all the exchanges in organizing them. As an Envelope exchange organizer myself I know it's a thankless job, Sooooo, THANK YOU, Jan!

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