Saturday, March 19, 2016


this probably won't be a crowd pleaser, but it is one of my favorites. not so favorite that i need to keep it. but i love the idea of it. the p.o. will not like it at all - so i will write his address on the back flap, just to make sure it gets there. maybe i should put another stamp on the back.

it's marker swoops with gel pen over the top.

i hope it is not a problem that uber has hijacked that word so that it now means a freelance taxi service. i trust you all know that it means *very-me*.
is there a better word for what i am trying to say?


  1. You know, when I first saw this envelope I didn't like it at all, but the more I look at it, the more and more I REALLY like it!

    It's very unique and so creative! I also love love the stamps! Wow!

    I'm with you though,I don't think the PO will be thrilled with it.

    In my last exchange envelopes,I did something different with addresses, but I revived the 2 I mailed myself with no issues.

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  3. Creative, beautiful, spectacular!
    I like quintessential...

  4. You know I love minimalism, as well as Rothko. And the stamp combination is fantastic.

  5. That lower orange stamp has always been one of my favorites! I love the Whe thing!

  6. My favorite that I have ever seen here!!!!! LOVE it. Thanks.