Tuesday, March 8, 2016

exchange lists have been sent

OK exchangers - i sent the lists.
if you do not get your list by noon CST - let me know.
i tried to send a BCC so that the emails did not clog your contact lists.

rather than number the lists, i needed to use A List, B List, etc.
DO NOT read anything into being on the "A-List" or "D-List"----
there is no grading on the exchange.
i pondered using other letters, but that would have taken too much time.

how the lists were decided?
finnbadger randomized them for me....
thank you finnbadger.

and thanks to everyone who signed up and is adjusting nicely to the new exchange system. it has been pretty easy. if only i had that chair, life would be perfect. although, i would want a different postmark and a different chair and i have done a ton of chair seat re-covers, so, as the little red hen said, "I guess I will have to do it myself." And so she did.  Anybody else remember that book?


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