Sunday, March 20, 2016

off topic - allison colpoys + MAIL ART (the movie)

another lettering artist from australia, an associate of the one i blogged about last sunday. again, if you go to her website, you'll see a wide range of styles. many are quite scrawly and naive. so for those of you who don't think you can actually draw, go right ahead and do what you can do. this one caught my eye because it included that moment we have all had when we get frustrated and let lose with a mad-scribble. i have not done this in years....but i used to see my students do it.

there is a movie titled MAIL ART on YouTube. i have not had time to watch it. maybe someone will watch it and tell us if it is any good.

thanks to everyone who left comments yesterday. it's fun to know that there are people who share my design preferences. and....i always appreciate when you take time to leave comments.

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