Thursday, March 24, 2016

from carroll & amy g

once again, two exchange envelopes that arrived close together - share some colors and the design element of wavy lines.

and on a sad note, the mad-scribbler at the post office did not do a good job with their addition. aarrgghh.

thank you, exchangers.

amy-g also enclosed some cool vintage washi paper and one piece is cut so that you can *wallpaper* an egg. i am resisting the temptation to start wallpapering my eggs.

interested readers may see many fine examples by googling washi paper covered eggs in the image section - or - our good friend the pinterest has some good stuff

there were comments about where to buy vintage stamps on the post yesterday. you may want to go back and read them. or you may want to check out this guy's site.

if anyone has other sources for vintage stamps - at face value - please leave a comment.
or send me info at jmwilson 411 [at] yahoo [dot] com
and i will post the info to the blog


  1. Dthanks for the recommendation on stamps! And I love the wavy design! Just seems fun!

  2. I have been buying vintage stamps off of etsy for several years. Yes, they are overpriced but sometimes just make the envelope and are worth it to me!! I've got my students excited about sending snail mail and entering Graceful Envelope by letting them pick out their stamps online and then seeing their excitement as they lick just the right stamps to complete their design...".ewwwww!! we have to lick them??" I've also developed a relationship with a couple etsy shop owners who embrace what I'm doing and go out of their way to create custom orders and even throw in a few extra stamps as a gift! Still waiting on a great graceful envelope idea to run through my brain.........

  3. Thanks Christy! I'll look on Etsy some more too!

    I do have a quick question about envelope exchange. Is it ok to find envelopes and duplicate or is that plagiarism? Next month will be my first exchange to enter and I've seen so many that inspire! I'm hoping that my own juices will allow for my originals too!

    1. Thank you for the question. IMHO the people who worry about plagiarism are the least likely people to actually commit it. Plagiarism is when you steal ideas and/or try to pass them off as your own and sell them. I have many posts where I explain that a common and well respected (for centuries) method to teach art is to have the students make copies of great art. I label many of my posts *Stealworthy* meaning you will learn a lot if you try to copy or just be inspired by this envelope. So, feel free to copy all you like. It is fine if you want to give credit to the person whose work you are copying. I frequently steal ideas of Christy.

      Another point always make about copying is that there is a misconception that artists get all of their ideas out of their heads and everything is original. Most artists will agree that it is pretty difficult to be 100% original. Our eyes have been collecting the things we like for as long as we have been alive. We can't avoid putting out work that reflects our preferences.

      Another word that puts the OK on copying is homage. It is just fine to say that you were trying to make a Georgia O'Keeffe flower. Georgia would not complain. She would be secure in the knowledge that no matter how hard you try, your flower would not be an exact would be your own...and that's fine. I am always happy when people want to copy my ideas. Sometimes they do something that gives me a better idea.

      I think the people who are the most emphatic about protecting their ideas are the ones that are afraid they only have a couple good ideas and afraid they will not com e up with additional ideas if someone steals that one good one....which is too bad.

      The world of fashion does not copyright designs....they know that design is fluid and on going...and it is pointless to take time protecting your good idea - you need to be working on the next good idea...

      although...i do respect that some ideas are worth copyrighting - like fonts - those designers need protection because of the nature of how fonts are used...

      so that's my story and i'm sticking to it...
      in haste
      gotta go work on my graceful envelope - i finally recalled my good idea.....

    2. plz excuse the errors in the post above - i typed too fast and clicked send without editing

  4. Steal away Jean....not sure I have anything stealworthy! The shop I dealt mostly with on esty is My Vintage Post Office, Kayla is a great gal. If you're looking for something in particular and you don't see it, contact her and ask. Also have used Treasure Fox. Off to class, 4 more students need to finish envelopes today and they'll be on a sugar high after Easter parties! These kids have come up with some great ideas--on their own, after a brainstorming hour--and are executing them quite well! I'm not a teacher...but this is fun!

  5. Thank you Jean for taking the time for me and for explaining it so well. It makes me feel so much better! Maybe others have had the same question.

    Christy thanks for your suggestions and I will check out those shops!