Monday, March 7, 2016

inspired by sunday - for maggie

i tried to find a way to do the style of lettering on yesterday's post. the top line is plain block lettering with a tombo brush marker. less pressure gives you the thin strokes, more pressure gives you some weight. then i outlined in g-tec and was thinking i would bleed it by going over it with the tombo. but i picked up the wrong pink. so, it's a start, but it remains to be seen if i can turn it into something really fun.

all i could think of was a bunch of variations. it's not spectacular, but i think it could be fine with the right stamp. the red snowflake might work. and then write the address over the lower right last name.

today is the last day to sign up for the march exchange
so far, the new way of making the lists has been working.
thank you to everyone for following the new directions.
i will work on the lists in the morning and probably get them promptly.

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