Wednesday, March 2, 2016

desk cleaning - kate's pink flower + finn's black scribble

this was an envelope with the stamp on it. not sure why. nothing new. maybe i owe all y'all another one.

it did not have a black border, i scanned it on a black background.

soooooo...more desk cleaning. had started one for finn and messed it up, but figured it was worth trying a scribble solution. i goofed up the flourish and almost threw it away, but, tried erasing the metallic pen and voila, it erased all the metallic and left a nice color. so i was happy to discover that new technique. the gel pen was one that leaves a colored outline on either side of the glitter. so, you erase the glitter and you get just the color.

then, parting with my last johnnie cash stamp was pretty hard, but finn's been a good little grasshopper and he's gotten a lot of mileage out of johnny.  so, happy end of year.

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  1. The envelope you sent to me is absolutely stunning in person. Johnny always seems to be a good choice.