Monday, March 7, 2016

carolyn kelley evans

carolyn kelley evans is one of those dear friends who always remembers my birthday, and i always forget hers. we were young mommies (a couple years ago) in the 'hood. she moved on to more exotic locales. the address on that envelope is a fake address. wishful thinking on my part.

i figured i would have carolyn kelley evans week this week and post 5 envelopes and mail them all inside a larger envelope with her actual address. so - here is number one. i think i will add them as a bonus post each day because it is too complicated to move pre-scheduled posts.


  1. oh! i like this one alot! very nice...

  2. thanks. i forgot to mention that carolyn is part scottish, so she might enjoy that *plaid* - and the plaid was fun, so i might be doing more plaids....