Friday, March 4, 2016

memory lane

i was checking the website to see what the deadline was for the graceful envelope. then, i thought i would look at the winners from last year - and i don't think i ever posted this one from christy robb, who is one of the people who exchanges and leaves comments on the blog.

she just left a comment a few days ago about how she, too, had mailed her feb exchange envelopes on the last day. i see by the postmark that this entry was postmarked on march 30 of last year. that must have been the deadline.

it reminded me of the very first time i sent something to the graceful envelope. it was in the early years when it was run by the smithsonian institution. it was not a contest, but a call for entries they were going to use to decorate a holiday tree. i crashed mine out on the last day - made some kind of boo-boo. drove to the store and bought glitter to hide the boo-boo and sat with my car door open, applying the glitter to the envelope and shaking the excess glitter on the snow covered pavement.

it's been a long time since i entered. i had enough winners to satisfy my need to have my work in the permanent collection of the smithsonian...but i just had an idea for this year's theme. luckily, i have lots of time to get it done. or...wait until the last day. christy...leave us a comment and tell us if 2015 was the first time you entered.


  1. WOW! I don't recall ever seeing this's incredible. I would have thought this would have been the winning entry! It's AMAZING!!!

  2. this envelope IS a winner.
    they have 12 winners and a best in show. and 15 honorable mentions.