Tuesday, March 1, 2016

march exchange sign up

my feb exchange envelopes went in the mail yesterday. sadly, they are mostly empty. so many of you write such nice notes and i try to find time to reply - but it never happens.

a n n o u n c i n g
 the MARCH EXCHANGE - sign up

if you are new to the exchange, please read all the rules in the tab at the top of the blog. 

the rules in this post are just the rules that have changed

if you do not like the new rules, please do not sign up.

1. lists will have 6 people including YOU. send to the other 5 people and you will receive from the other 5 people.

2. emails will be included on lists. if you are missing envelopes, email the person on your own and if the missing envelope is not resolved, contact me - jean - please do not contact jan. if you do not want your email on the list that goes out to the other 5 people, please do not sign up.

3. lists will grow as they come in, the first 6 people will be on the first list, next 6 people on the second list and so on. at the end, if there are 4 people, i will add names of people who have requested to do 10 envelopes. you are not guaranteed 10 - but indicate if you want 10.

4. non-USA participants are welcome. i will try to keep only one non-USA address per list. if you are not willing to send outside of the USA ($1.20 postage) please do not sign up.

5. send your information to the NEW EMAIL (below) and send it by March 7th

pushingtheenvelopes  (at) yahoo (dot) com 


PLEASE put this in the subject line:  March exchange

PLEASE put the following 6 lines in the body of the email:

Your Name
Your Street Address
City-State-Postal Code  - or whatever order your country prefers
Your Email
5 or 10 envelopes (that is how many envelopes you wish to exchange)

I will reply to each email that arrives.
If you do not hear from me in 3 or 4 days, please resend.

PLEASE do not send EXCHANGE emails to my jmwilson(etc) email
I am keeping that email for personal emails.
I have to keep the exchange emails and personal emails separate or my head will explode
and then we won't have any more exchanges, eh?

Optional theme for march - a picture of jean's head exploding.
Maybe put Jan in the background rolling her eyes.

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  1. I can't wait to get this artsy envelope in the mail, arriving just in time for my BiRthDaY! I too just sent my envelopes yesterday.....Procrastination + Pressure = Production!