Tuesday, March 15, 2016

from exchanger carol

this was carol's response to my story on nov 14, 2015 about how my kids' nickname for me was Mean Jean.

carol thinks that her name is the only one that is conducive to fun lettering. and suggests a list of non-conducive names.

sorry, carol, any name that starts with C does not get into the favorite category. i have trouble with Cs. but you are in the mid-range.

hardest and least favorite names....
anything with ggy or lly - L can be hard at the beginning.

favorite names....well, J is a great letter at the beginning, also A and E
but, i should probably go through the alphabet and really ponder this.
there are certain styles that are good for any name....
it's those picture styles that are tricky
but, you get an A+ for this one - very clever - thanks carol.

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