Wednesday, March 9, 2016

carolyn kelley evans

this is a style of lettering that i have never tried before. i saw it on pinterest and followed the trail, but could not find out whose exemplar it is. for some reason i think it might be ann or anne van tassel - does anyone know? i hope i find time to do some more. i need to loosen up a bit. it's lots of fun.

another fake address for carolyn kelley evans. if she lived in ames, we would still be *neighbors.* i did end up bumping the regular post for today to april 11. it is shocking how fast the time goes when you need to post 365 posts per year. it scared me that i was barely a month ahead on my posts. i like to stay about 3 months out. luckily eric is having a birthday and wants 50-themed envelopes. so, i am going to do a bunch. i always wanted to do the banner of envelopes - so this time i am actually going to get it done. yay.

and...there was a note to the exchangers added yesterday - if you missed it - scroll down.

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