Friday, April 1, 2016

sign up for the APRIL exchange

the envelopes on the right were done by grace nixon peterson in miami florida. from time to time i search on etsy for mail art, just to see what's out there. these would all be easy to do and you could use markers rather than watercolor to make it even easier.

hopefully your march exchange envelopes are in the mail. last month we had several people who were a little late. no problem. they all showed up. if you are missing any envelopes for march, please let the sender know, if you need help resolving anything, let me know.

our new system of making lists worked very well so we will continue. please send the following to me:

your name
your address
your city - state - zip code
your country
your email address
5 envelopes (or 10 envelopes, if you wish to do 10)

please put those 6 items, in a list
and send it to me at
pushingtheenvelopes [at] gmail [dot] com

cut off for sign up will be April 6
i will send out lists on April 7 or 8
there may be one international address on your list which will require $1.20 in postage from the US.

the rest of the *rules* are listed in the tab at the top labeled [envelope EXCHANGE rules]

happy exchanging

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