Tuesday, April 5, 2016

alison (march-ex)

a while back there was an envelope to carolyn evans with the same lettering without the flowers. when i did this one, the spacing was all messed up so i had to add flowers to hide the poor spacing. i bet carolyn wishes she had flowers on hers...next time you are at the grocery store, carolyn, pick up a pack of crayola markers....and you'll have endless hours of fun making little dot-and-dash flowers. you need some colored ink pens, too. but i think you have those.

the address will be a tidy - one liner under the name. or maybe tiny and flush right in 2 or 3 lines...depends on what the address is. short lines would look fine flush right.


  1. Wonderful lettering for a spring envelope.

  2. This is a happy envelope. I pinned it for future reference.