Saturday, April 2, 2016

eric's birthday (2&3)

these are 2 of the 4 envelopes that i put inside the birthday envelope that was on the blog two days ago. i am not going to pop for $60 to mail 50 envelopes to eric. i might switch to postcards to get more in the envelopes that i do send. sorry eric, it would have been loads of fun for you to open 50 actual pieces of mail.

my idea was to feature each of the different lines of copy on the envelope as the BIG element. the big RED ERIC was the first one i did. then the big black FRANCE was the second one.

this is a really easy way to make a fun envelope. sometimes i just guess at how it will fit. other times i do a quick pencil.

i'm using up random odd stamps. these were cancelled. people give me all kinds of stamps.

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