Thursday, April 7, 2016

from amy g

this is a fun envelope from another first time exchanger, amy g. i like the arrangement of the elements and how amy. black-white-red is always nice and the dot of green on the two stamps is just perfect. i even like how both paul and the duck are looking west...

thanks for participating amy

I want to make sure I have all the names for people who want to exchange. These people sent emails - after I posted my problem with email:

Chuck, Rachael, Cathy-O, Lynne-S, Deirdre, Carroll-D, Thomas

These people are also on the list:

Amy G, Amy S, Alison, Phillip, Florence, Susan, Jean R, Janice B

If you are not on either list - please send your info to

5 or 10 envelopes

Today is the last day to sign up.
I will send the lists on Friday - the 8th.

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