Tuesday, April 12, 2016

deirdre - (march-ex)

this style came from the bigunorganizedpilethat maybecomemytombstone. or it might fall on me and crush me some day.

i was looking for styles to try my new faber castell big brush markers that jan gave me, and then she borrowed, and then she gave them back along with MORE. so i was in marker intoxication for a few days. the idaho stamp is not quite right, but the other two are splendid. the part where i tidy up my drawer full of stamps is a very good thing.

welcome to the exchange, deirdre. i love saying your name. but, i must confess that every single time i write it, i have to stop and say the little jingle: i before e except after c and d and there are so many exceptions my head is going to explode.

1 comment:

  1. These letters are really different. Definitely Pin-able. I have some of these markers and will have to try this.