Tuesday, November 22, 2016

World Domination

Somebody must have cleared out something on the shared computer because I could not get my blog to pop up this morning - so I had to go to Google to find my blog. After I typed in
-pushingtheenvelopes- my blog was  the TOP hit. It popped up ahead of the generic definition of -pushing the envelope-

Does that mean it happens for everyone who Googles *pushing the envelope*  - or just on my computer where it is clear that it remembers where I go. I wonder if there is any way to know. I have over 600,000 hits and am looking forward to hitting a million one of these days. I do not do anything to generate readers. Props to the 185 people who have gotten me to 600,000. Although some of you may not have signed on as *followers.*

This is a re-run envelope. It's one of those styles that I have forgotten about. Plus, I need to write to the guy who designed it. I wonder how old he is. I wonder if I will be able to find his name again. Speaking of old guys - here are 3 documentaries (from Netflix) about old guys who are artists. Very inspirational films. They reinforce why it is not a waste of time to pursue the thing that has fascinated you since you were a kid. In my case it is the alphabet.

Line King: The Al Hirschfield Story (charicaturist)
Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (Disney-HB-Pixar animator)
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (also animators)

I should also mention that the first two movies are really easy to watch if you are interested in listening to artists. The third movie is subtitled and it's not as dynamic as the other two. The punch line at the end of the movie made it worth it to me.

Then, if you like Wallace and Gromit, there is a movie about that studio on Netflix, streaming, and I loved it: A Grand Night In. Another peek into the lives of people who are obsessed with something that might seems tedious to others, but I totally get it. Addressing envelopes is about as exciting as watching paint dry. And I actually had a job where we had to watch paint dry and it was one of the coolest jobs I ever had. I shall write out the whole story for New Years Eve as a companion to my Christmas eve story that is popping up on Dec 24th. And - spoiler alert- this year, Thanksgiving will be on Thursday.

And for those of you who were going to get up really early to get your shopping done, don't bother. A lot of stores don't open until 8 - some don't open until 9. I thought that one that is at the corner of Happy and Healthy was open 24/7. Nope.

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